As a customer of Fowler State Bank, your account access is always just a phone call away!  Dial-A-Bank provides secure access to all of your accounts 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Using your touch-tone telephone, call the free, automated Dial-A-Bank service at 719-263-5727.  You will be prompted for your security code and social security number, and then you will have full access to the following information:

  • Checking Account Information
    • Checks cleared
    • Deposits made
    • Current balances
  • Savings Account Information
    • Withdrawal information
    • Deposits made
    • Current balances
  • Transfer of Funds
    • Transfer funds from any of your FSB checking or savings accounts to another
  • CD Information
    • Current CD balance
    • Current maturity date
    • Next interest date
    • Last year's interest paid
  • Loan & Loan Payments
    • Current loan balance
    • Next payment due
    • Make a loan payment
  • Change your Security Code
    • Everything on the system is security protected

If you have problems accessing Dial-A-Bank, or for further information on this free service, feel free to call or come in!